English 10 (Periods 1 and 5)

Posted: November 10, 2021

Hi Folks!

I have two requests today:

1.    Continue working on your poetry project.

2.    Read your personal novel for fifteen minutes. 

Some of you have been asking for a copy of our November calendar.  It was ready to be distributed on November 1st, but, because of the labor strike, it may be necessary to make some changes to it, so for now just focus on the following deadlines:

November 22nd – Poetry Project Due

                       Present Poetry Project/Peer Evaluations

November 30th – November Journals Due

Thanks, and have a great day. 

Important Note:  It is absolutely necessary that you go onto Teams each day at the beginning of English class and send me a notification.  This will inform me that you have seen the day’s assignment(s) and I will be able to record your attendance.  I also dedicate this hour to working with your class and answering any questions you may