English 10 (Periods 1 and 5)

Posted: November 12, 2021

Hi everyone. I hope you had a restful Remembrance Day.

I would like you to continue with the same two activities as on Wednesday:

1.    Work on your poetry project.

2.    Read your personal novel for fifteen minutes.

  • If you happen to finish off your novel, perhaps you can pick up another one at the local library or borrow a book from a friend or family member.

Important Dates to Remember:

November 22nd – Poetry Project Due

                       Present Poetry Project/Peer Evaluations

November 30th – November Journals Due

Enjoy your day and have a nice weekend.  I hope to see you soon!   

Important Note:  It is necessary that you go onto Teams each day at the beginning of English class and send me a notification.  This will inform me that you have seen the day’s assignment(s) and I will be able to record your attendance.  I also dedicate this hour to working with your class and answering any questions you may have.