Elf is Next Week!

Posted: November 20, 2018

By Isaiah Doyle Macdonald

This year’s production of ELF is going to be a spectacle. From what we know, there will be innovative sets, fun dances & songs, and our favorite adult elf (Connor Blakely) will be returning for his final show.

                Why should you see this show if you saw it three years ago? Well, the basic story is the same, but there have been many changes and new things added to make it an entirely new experience, the perfect family friendly fun just in time for the holidays.

                As a member of the cast, I can confidently say that the show is coming together extremely well, Mr. Gopee has done a fantastic job of directing and Mr. Theriault (and crew) has done the same with the sets.

                The group of students onstage have gone all out to make everything just as jolly as a Christmas show needs to be!

                Elf the musical opens Next week on November 30th and runs shows until Monday December 3rd.