Grad Blurbs

Posted: January 11, 2019

By: Isaiah Doyle Macdonald


Hi seniors! The end of your high school year is coming close. In a couple months you may be moving to a new city or even a new province. It is finally time to take your photos and be immortalized in the yearbook page for graduates. But before that, we need your help first! Graduates are asked to fill out a grad blurb form, which will ask for: your name, your date of birth, your nickname, your favorite memory, extracurricular activities you took part in, your future plans, and a quote. This is very important as everything you write down on this sheet will be placed beside your grad photo in the yearbook. You can get a grad blurb form from Mrs. Macdonald’s room (571) and after you fill them out you can drop them into the red folder that is in her room. These forms are due by Friday January 18th so make sure you get a form straight away.