Ian Baillie's Christmas Dinner

Posted: December 21, 2016

Yesterday, December 20th, Ms. McDonnell’s, period 4 Culinary 120 class, along with some students from her period 3 Culinary 110 class, took Christmas dinner over to Ian Baillie to give the kids and teachers a Christmas dinner. It turned out very well due to the kids, the teachers, and the culinary students, having a great time. The food turned out amazing and the kids loved it. Many of them asked for seconds! Ian Baillie then got a surprise visit from Santa Claus! He gave all the kids a Candy Cane and took a picture with them. He also took a picture with the culinary students and Ms. McDonnell. You can find the pictures attached, on James M. Hill’s facebook page and Ian Baillie’s school page. (http://ianbaillie.nbed.nb.ca/

Article by: Brandon McDonald, Journalism 120