New Fundraiser Hits James M. Hill

Posted: September 25, 2009

James M. Hill Memorial High school recently launched a magazine and gift fundraiser. Each student was given a package containing an order form, a magazine selection book and a gift selection book. Proceeds from sales go towards the Student Council and wrap up October 6th. The Student Council has high hopes that participation in this year’s campaign is better than it has in the recent years. According to Vice Principal Mrs. O’Reilly, this year the school has introduced some new incentives to boost sales and participation. Cash prizes will be given away at the end of the campaign. The 3rd top seller will receive a $50.00 prize, the 2nd $100.00, and the top seller wins $200.00. Order forms have been given out to all students and all of the money that is raised through this campaign is given to the Student Council to fund sports and other school clubs.Written by: Jordan Wright