Segment Round-Up November 12th-November 16th

Posted: November 19, 2018

By: Isaiah Doyle Macdonald


This is your weekly segment roundup for the week of November 12th-November 16th


On Tuesday we got an episode of Relationship advice with Doctor Brawn. On Wednesday we got an episode of Tommies Nine Nine. On Thursday we did not get a segment.


-On this week’s episode of Relationship advice, we saw Dr. Brawn help out someone asking about what to do for a very special trip.


-On this week’s episode of Tommies Nine Nine, the anti-phone officers dealt with a case of texting in the library.


With a shortage of segments, it seems that maybe your weekly segment round up will not be able to continue, but fear not as one day we may have a return! Until then, this was your weekly segment round-up Tommies!