Game Master 5 iPhone & iPad App

Posted: January 15, 2016

A great app for the next Dungeon Master.  From the appstore description:

Game Master will help you run your 5th Edition game more efficiently. Setup encounters, track initiative, and roll attacks all in one convenient app.

- Encounter manager tracks initiative, hp, and all the necessary stats of your monsters and PCs
- Roll attacks, skills, and saving throws with simple tap
- Add more monsters using the monster editor
- Keep a campaign log and notes about and each encounter
- Rules Quick Reference view to containing DM screen information
- Dice roll calculator lets you roll any dice combo easily
- Easy mode setting: For when your players are struggling and you don't feel like having a TPK, fudge your dice rolls to be lower. The app will roll all dice twice and takes the lower of the two.
- Import everything. Type up notes, create monsters and a rules reference sheet on your PC then import them into this app
- Compendium of creatures, items, and spells

The app is free to download but encounters are limited to a max of 6 combatants. This can be unlocked by purchasing the full version.