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Letter to Parents Re Miramichi Area High Schools Closed on March 23, 2021 PDF icon letter_to_parents_re_miramichi_area_high_schools_closed_on_march_23_2021.pdf Mar 22, 2021
Message to Highschool Families and Students from EECD PDF icon high_school_students_and_families.pdf Mar 19, 2021
ASDN Guidelines for Highschool Graduation Ceremonies PDF icon asdn_guidelines_for_high_school_graduation_ceremonies.pdf Feb 22, 2021
Semester Two Message to High School Families PDF icon semester_two_2021_message_to_hs_families.docx_1.pdf Jan 29, 2021
Anglophone North Memo for Parents Jan 25/2021 PDF icon parent_memo_january_25_2021.pdf Jan 25, 2021
Letter to Parents and Guardians Regarding Inclement Weather Events PDF icon letter_to_parents_and_guardians_re_inclement_weather_events.pdf Dec 8, 2020
Reporting and Learning Document

Curriculum and Assessment:

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) worked with educators in the summer of 2020 to choose the most important outcomes for learning, knowing teaching would look different this year. Report cards will also reflect some change, with the fall report card going out at the usual time this year. Please see the attached “Reporting and Learning” document(s) and reach out to your child’s teacher or principal if you have any questions about the report card.

PDF icon reporting_and_learning_9-12.pdf Nov 6, 2020
Message from Anglophone North School District, The City of Miramichi, and The Miramichi Police Force PDF icon image2020-10-30-151916.pdf Oct 30, 2020
Anglophone North School Update and Memo- Oct 20 PDF icon anglophone_north_memo_october_20.pdf Oct 20, 2020
Technical Support for Home Learning

See the following document for guidelines regarding Technical Support during Home Learning. 

PDF icon call_centers_support_contact_s_for_laptops_used_for_distance_learning_1.pdf Sep 30, 2020
James M Hill Tommies Back to School 2020-2021Operational Plan

Click the following link to view and review The JMH Covid Operational Plan.

PDF icon jmh-asdn_covid_operational_plan_template_001_3.pdf Sep 3, 2020
ELPA Information

Some of our students will be receiving feedback on the ELPA (English Language Proficency Assessment) when they receive their report card tomorrow.  However, like most things this year, things will be a little different than other years.  To help parents and students understand this our English department has provided a helpful guide for you to understand your feedback. Please see the attached document for more details. 

File english_language_proficiency_results_are_in.docx Jun 18, 2020
Memo to Parents from EECD PDF icon 2019-2020_school_year_parents_memo.pdf May 29, 2020
A Message from the Department of Education PDF icon dm_letter_to_parents_guardians_may_19_2020_covid-19.pdf May 20, 2020
2020 JMH Grad Memo PDF icon graduation_memo.pdf May 19, 2020
Learn about the Mental Health Trifecta with John Fletcher PDF icon john_fletcher_on-line_session.pdf May 19, 2020
ASDN Graduation Ceremony Guidelines PDF icon asdn_graduation_ceremony_guidelines.pdf May 19, 2020
Enduring Tommie Application PDF icon enduring_tommie_application.pdf May 6, 2020
Grad Clothing Order Options for the Class of 2020 PDF icon grad_clothing_order_form_2020_with_wred.pdf Apr 30, 2020
Student / Parent Pick-up Guidelines PDF icon student_parent_memo_re_pickup_2-pdf.pdf Apr 30, 2020


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