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James M Hill Tommies Back to School 2020-2021Operational Plan

Click the following link to view and review The JMH Covid Operational Plan.

PDF icon jmh-asdn_covid_operational_plan_template_001_3.pdf Sep 3, 2020
ELPA Information

Some of our students will be receiving feedback on the ELPA (English Language Proficency Assessment) when they receive their report card tomorrow.  However, like most things this year, things will be a little different than other years.  To help parents and students understand this our English department has provided a helpful guide for you to understand your feedback. Please see the attached document for more details. 

File english_language_proficiency_results_are_in.docx Jun 18, 2020
Memo to Parents from EECD PDF icon 2019-2020_school_year_parents_memo.pdf May 29, 2020
A Message from the Department of Education PDF icon dm_letter_to_parents_guardians_may_19_2020_covid-19.pdf May 20, 2020
2020 JMH Grad Memo PDF icon graduation_memo.pdf May 19, 2020
Learn about the Mental Health Trifecta with John Fletcher PDF icon john_fletcher_on-line_session.pdf May 19, 2020
ASDN Graduation Ceremony Guidelines PDF icon asdn_graduation_ceremony_guidelines.pdf May 19, 2020
Enduring Tommie Application PDF icon enduring_tommie_application.pdf May 6, 2020
Grad Clothing Order Options for the Class of 2020 PDF icon grad_clothing_order_form_2020_with_wred.pdf Apr 30, 2020
Student / Parent Pick-up Guidelines PDF icon student_parent_memo_re_pickup_2-pdf.pdf Apr 30, 2020
Entrance to Public Schools- Procedures and Guidelines PDF icon entrance_to_public_schools_procedures_and_guidelines.pdf Apr 28, 2020
Post Secondary information for Grade 12 students PDF icon post-secondary_information_for_grade_12_final_april_2020_1.pdf Apr 27, 2020
High School Q&A ASD-N

Parents and students, please see the attaached document regarding High School Credits and other matters. 

PDF icon q_and_a_credits.pdf Apr 20, 2020
Teacher-Learning Platforms

Dear parent/student

The attached document shows which teaching platforms teachers will be using to deliver home-learning content and materials. With this, keep two things in mind;

1) Parents and students should regularly monitor this document as changes may occur.  

2) All teacher emails can be located in the staff directory.  This can be found under the "Staff" tab at the top of the webpage. 

Thank you and happy learning

JMH Staff

PDF icon teacher-learning_platform_2.pdf Apr 5, 2020
Continuity of Learning Plan

Please see the attached document which explains the content addressed in Minister Dominic Cardy's press conference on Thursday April 4, 2020. 

PDF icon eecd_covid-19_update_april_2.pdf Apr 2, 2020
June 2016 Examination Schedule PDF icon june_2016_exam_schedule.pdf Jun 6, 2016
Grad Newletter June 2016 PDF icon grad_newsletter_june_2016.pdf Jun 2, 2016
Exam Schedule: June 2016 PDF icon exam_schedule_1_page.pdf May 30, 2016
Current Grade 10s Course Selection PDF icon course_selection_2016_current_gr10s.pdf Mar 7, 2016
Current Grade 9s Course Selection PDF icon course_selection_2016_current_gr9s.pdf Mar 7, 2016


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