Friday Jan 21,2011

Posted: January 21, 2011

Science 10         I have posted the answers to the Electricity Exam review below.       The answer to the physics exam review are saved on the schools server and I do not have access at home.  I will post the Physics review answers on Monday.  Sorry for any inconvience this causes      Dont forget the exam is Thursday 8:30 am Rm 723   Science 9      I have posted the answers to the Space, Ecology and Reproduction exam review below.          Dont forget the exam is Thursday 8:30 am  Period 2 Rm 721 Period 3 Rm 717   Math 112 Geometry and Applications     you were given all the review sheets and answers in class yesterday.  Review and study from those questions.      Your Exam is Tuesday 8:30am Rm719 bring a calculator and a pencil!!