Grade 9 Visual Art

Posted: April 5, 2020

Hi class :)  I hope everyone is being safe during this strange time. I just wanted to say a quick hello and explaine the direction that we will be going in. Visual Art is a project based course that I have always relied on face-to-face, class time, to get things done. So, the home learning approach to Visual Art may have some challenges. Nevertheless, you folks have proven to be a pretty impressive group, so im confident we can do this!! 

Unfortunately, I dont know what materials/supplies you have at home so i cant expect you all to do the same thing. So what I have decided to do is to show you what the province would like you to know, according to our curriculum document (Outcomes), translate it for you, and give you the option of figuring out how you think you can meet what is being asked.

9.1.3 create artworks, integrating themes found through direct observation, personal experience, and imagination

9.1.4 respond verbally and visually to the use of art elements in personal works and the works of others

What these outcomes are asking is that you draw, paint, sculpt, etc.. something that you observe, something that you can remember, or even something imaginary,,,The choice is yours to be creative. Then, I want you to be able to explain it to me how you used art elements.

I guess the only way that you can show/explain this to me is by taking a pic or video of what you have made. You can reach me by email:

I cant wait to see what youve created!!

Here is a little joke for you:

Q. Which painting is never happy? A. The Moaning Lisa