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Posted: June 1, 2020

3 Point perspective can sometimes be a little challenging when it comes to figuring out where all of your lines need to go. Due to the angles of some of these lines, your brain can occasionally feel a little overwhelmed, requiring a pause in what you are doing just so it will all make sense. Check out the link below and try the example given. Whenever you feel comfortable and confident come up with your own creation.

Posted: June 1, 2020

Check out this great video about 1 point perspective. Using the video as a guide, see what you can come up with for your own creation.

Posted: May 19, 2020

Painting with Coffee.

go to the following link and check out this great example of how to paint with coffee. I know many of you may not have watercolou laying around your house...but some of you might have some coffee. Experiment with different brews/strengths to see how it works out for you.

send me an email to show me what you've created

Posted: May 19, 2020


go to the following website: and try the project on Zentangles. it will give you the opportunity to practice coy touring and shading. 
Send me an email, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've created

Posted: May 3, 2020

The following is a list of some of the ways to stimulate imagery:

1)Magnification: enlarging parts or all of the image

2) Metamorphosis: transforming one form into another

3) Distortion: diforming or altering the image to exagerate a certain feeling or effect

4) Fragmentation: Dividing the image. Fracturing the surface to create a sense of confusion or multiple meanings

5) Juxtaposition: placing one or more contrasting objects or forms in one image.

Choose one or more of the above and create a picture of your choosing by drawing or painting. Describe how you accomplished your picture

Posted: May 3, 2020

Time for a little Art history.

Watch the following youtube video about Pablo Picasso.

Posted: April 19, 2020

Hi Class,

What I would like for you to try this week is to make a surrealist collage using found images from magazines, printed off pics from the internet, etc

I would like for you to create a new person or creature using the images that you have found.

Great examples of artist work to look at for inspiration would be Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso.

Im looking forward to your email to show me what you have created.

Posted: April 19, 2020

What I would like for you to learn this week:

1) To understand outline drawing and shape

2) To understand the elements and principles of art/design

3) Be aware of how to create different compositions using one shape

4) Understand the use of positive space in creating new and different shapes.

How I would like for you to demonstrate what you have learned:

1) Make an outline drawing of a household item that has an interesting shape.

2) Divide a sheet of paper into 12 sections. Use the shape that you have drawn to demonstare the elements and principles...Line, shape, texture, balance, symmetry, contrast, movement, harmony, variety, empahsis, and repetition.

3) Enlarge, overlap, extend the shape beyond the edges of the section to achieve a compositionally interesting representation.

4) Once the drawings are done decide which areas you will fill in black and what you will leave white.

Have fun with it. I look forward to your email to seeing what you have created


Posted: April 14, 2020

I haven't heard from most of you since out first contact re, home learning. In the famous words of Pink Floyd.."is there anybody out there?" :)

Posted: April 13, 2020

Hi again everyone. I just recently saw a great idea from a Visual Arts teacher at BHS that can be accomplished at home for your home learning. I would like for you to study a composition of art and then try to recreate it using photography. So, imagine recreating Da Vinci's Mona Lisa...You could pose, dress, recreate the background, etc.. as closely to the original painting as possible....then capture it using photography. There are all kinds of famous paintings to choose from, Ex:  Girl with a pearl earing (Johannes Vermeer), American Gothic (Grant Wood), Whistler's Mother (James McNeill Whistler), The Screem (Edvard Munch), Self Portrait (Van Gogh), etc..

Im really looking forward to seeing how creative you are with this. It should be fun!!!


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