Visual Art 120

Posted: April 19, 2020

What I would like for you to learn this week:

1) To understand outline drawing and shape

2) To understand the elements and principles of art/design

3) Be aware of how to create different compositions using one shape

4) Understand the use of positive space in creating new and different shapes.

How I would like for you to demonstrate what you have learned:

1) Make an outline drawing of a household item that has an interesting shape.

2) Divide a sheet of paper into 12 sections. Use the shape that you have drawn to demonstare the elements and principles...Line, shape, texture, balance, symmetry, contrast, movement, harmony, variety, empahsis, and repetition.

3) Enlarge, overlap, extend the shape beyond the edges of the section to achieve a compositionally interesting representation.

4) Once the drawings are done decide which areas you will fill in black and what you will leave white.

Have fun with it. I look forward to your email to seeing what you have created