Friday March 2nd 2018

Posted: February 28, 2018

Psychology- read article and answer posted questions.

History: Test


Period 4: reading tutor: Two things here. Please have students finish presenting their cultures to the class. I encourage asking questions in order to promote the conversations. When these presentations are finished the students can work on their memory book writing. They have been writing a scrapbook about themselves. They can continue on to the next chapter.


Period 5: Study Block- Drama students will come to this classroom. Mrs. Curtis will take the ones that she needs and the rest work on their schoolwork.


Period 6: Theatre Arts: Students were given a script to work on. This is a script that needs to be completed and updated. Please ask break up into two groups for the next couple of days.


1.      Music


2.      Script writing


These groups should choose a group leader who can take the lead to assign and make decisions about the music and script. It should a student that can lead and that has a vision for the material. The leader will then lead a discussion group to answer the needs of the script. For example- script writers may need to decide on plot, themes and outline the beginning middle and end of our story. The music team may want to start lyrics or develop tunes (then can use mixcraft to help them)- The students should work at this on Thursday and Friday and then have enough information to present to Mr. Gopee after the break. The group leader needs to assign a participation mark out of 5 for each day.


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