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Posted: December 6, 2017


Psychology: Students have been working on Personality. Tell students I will finish the PowerPoint tomorrow. However, after this unit we will be doing a small project on personality profiling. They will need to choose a fictional character and develop a personality and Psychological profile of the person. Here are some questions to get us started. They can begin working on this.


1.      A brief description of your fictional character- how do we know this person, TV? Movie and what do we know about them? (Usually a couple of paragraphs.

2.      What unique characteristics do we know about this person (Example- Scooby doo- likes to eat, will eat anything, feels the need to communicate, is afraid of everything, acts like a human not like his natural persona, very enthusiastic, trustworthy, comical, edgy ect.)

3.      Document what experiences that he /she may have that contributes to his behavior (why is scooby so scared- experience with Ghost, life in jeopardy ect)

4.      What types of disorders could be present?

5.      How do we address these disorders?

6. Environmental factors that developed this personality (Reciprocal determinism)

7. Psychologist approach- Freud, Jung, Adler, Erikson, Maslow, Watson, Carl Rogers.

9. Internal Lotus of control vs external lotus of control (Social-Cognitive theory)

10. Trait theory approach- what traits does the subject show.

You may wish to walk through Freud's defense mechanisms in a situation for that person (example of Brandon and Jasmisne break up.)




Posted: November 30, 2017

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Posted: November 27, 2017



Period 1: Psychology 120- Students will do an article research over the next two days to examine personality. They need to research the following names: Sigmund Freud, Eric Erikson, Abraham Maslow and Alfred Adler. Please indicate how each of these view personality. - (1-2 Paragraphs each) include a study to support your information. (Will be about 2 pages in length)


Part 2: Students will then research their prospective job or one that they are interested. Examine the occupation to determine the best personality type for the job and explain why. (1 page in length)


Period 2: :Law 120- Mock trial begins


Period 3- Reading tutor: Taught by students- Leslie Ann and Hailey. Simply make notes on their teaching and lesson. Show announcements.


Period 4: prep


Period 5- Study Block


Period 6: Music in will be in this classroom as well. Students will do an artist profile on their favorite artist. They will begin this week and have 3 days to complete. Here are some guided questions:


1.     Short bio of your artist/band (1 page)


2.     How did they/he/she get into music?


3.     Awards


4.     Inspirations


5.     Failures


6.     Media- article about your artist in the news


7.     Genre of music that they play- describe their voice and style (what makes them great)


8.     Choose one of their songs and talk about it. What does it mean? How does the music tell the story ect.


9.     Cite all your work.


Posted: November 20, 2017

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Posted: November 7, 2017

Psychology: We have just concluded our study on Operant and classical conditioning. There will be a test on Thursday this week. The attachment below outlines what is on the test.

Law 120: Students are working on forensic science. Quiz is on Thursday as well.

Reading tutor: Hanna and Morgan are teaching

Music: Jazz Music Journal started today.

Posted: October 27, 2017

Psychology: Law of Effects/Thordick, BF skinner- Perant conditioning

Law: Crime and Police

Reading tutor: Active Living week

Music: Students are playing up to section 20 this week- whole notes , half notes, and rests introduced.

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Posted: October 5, 2017

Psychology 120_ guest speaker yesterday- school psychologist- Michael Hovey. Powerpoint on sensation and perception attached.

Law- We begin Fairy tale crimes project- crime powerpoint attached as well as assignement.

Reading tutor- Lessons on culture- each country presents information on their culture for discussion

Music 10- Students have been assigned their instruments and are learning basic note reading and finger patterns.

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Posted: September 25, 2017

Psychology: Finished our oviewview of the teenage brain (See attached powerpoint) Look at the teenage brain article: -Questions are also attached.

Law 120: Student looked at human rights- Human rights continued- (powerpoint attached) Were Ashley Smith Rights violated?

Reading tutor- Senor memory book day- chapter 1 due.

Music 10- Students will look at the elements of music (Tone, melody form,meter ect)

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Posted: September 20, 2017

Psychology: students make brain cap as we discuss the lobes of the brain and how each area works.

Law- Ashley Smith continued. Discussion and watched "Behind the wall" - Quiz on Friday

Reading tutor: Today international students will teach Canadian students their language. This builds a stronger rapport with students and teachers. We will also have a discussion about classes and see what areas our international students are struggling in, make a plan to address their individual needs.

Music 10- College fair today

Posted: September 19, 2017

Psychology: Etics in Psychology discussed yesterday. Today we looked at "Little Albert" and the concept of how the brain learns things. We started our look at the human brain and what happens when we think. Phineas Cage accident discussed. Quiz #1 Thursday September 21st, 2017.

Law 120: We will now look at the Ashley Smith case and answer the question, were her rights violated? We will look at the media bias as well as the side of guards. "Out of control" video. Quiz is on Friday September 22nd, 2017.

Reading tutor: Today we played a language game. It is important for students to feel comfortable in the class and find some sucees with Language. Memory  books were introduced yesterday.

Music 10- Quiz on instruments and instrument families.





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