Tuesday June 4th, 2019

Posted: June 4, 2019


Psychology final assignment: Don't make this long- 2 pages please. (Routed in fact and research)


We have spent the entire semester looking at some of the components of psychology:


  • Roles of Psychology and the schools of thought (Watson, Rogers, Freud, Seligman)
  • Parts of the brain
  • How we perceive and receive information
  • Projects that included - social; Psychology
  • We learned about cognition and intelligences
  • Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov)
  • Operant Conditioning (B F Skinner)
  • Developmental Psychologist (Erik Erikson, Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow)
  • Personality (Freud, Watson)
  • Stress and anxiety (cognitive therapy)
  • we wrote journals to support our ideas- (These were researched by articles)


Now we answer two questions: Who am I? Why am I the way I am?


This simply means to take a hard look at oneself. Use the research and material you have learned and take your best guess to understand you.


Where do I start?


  • Step 1- Write a profile of yourself- who are you?- Personality traits, thought process.
  • Step 2- use psychologist to explain why you are that way- For example you could explain that behaviourist believe that the environment shapes us through our experiences- so show me this. I am outgoing because at a young age my parents encouraged me to have large friend groups. I performed for people at a young age. I was taught to speak using "adult speech.
  • Step 3- how do I display this information- what is my strongest intelligence?- Art? I will design something that shows someone who I am.
  • Step 4- Give it to Gopee
  • step 5- Celebrate because you are done.