Assignment #1 for All Students: LIke My Teams Post

Posted: April 6, 2020

Your objective for this week is as follows:

  1. Go to your course Teams app and like my most recent post. 
  2. Make sure notifications are turned on.
  3. Give yourself a good job.

Troubles signing in? Contact student IT services by texting 506-210-0127 or email

Contact me at so I know you are having trouble. Remember, this is our only assignment this week. I will reach out, through Treams, for more information from you about how you want to approach home learning.

Team Codes: 

  • Chemistry 112 Period 1: welmgqg
  • Physics 112 Period 2: 24y3k59 <= All physics students are to join this team.
  • Physics 122 Period 4: vwxmccy
  • Physics 112 Period 5: 351fh43 <= Students on this team have been added to Period 2. This team will be closed April 14th, 10 am.