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Your objective for this week is as follows:

  1. Go to your course Teams app and like my most recent post. 
  2. Make sure notifications are turned on.
  3. Give yourself a good job.

Troubles signing in? Contact student IT services by texting 506-210-0127 or email

Contact me at so I know you are having trouble. Remember, this is our only assignment this week. I will reach out, through Treams, for more information from you about how you want to approach home learning.

Team Codes: 

  • Chemistry 112 Period 1: welmgqg
  • Physics 112 Period 2: 24y3k59 <= All physics students are to join this team.
  • Physics 122 Period 4: vwxmccy
  • Physics 112 Period 5: 351fh43 <= Students on this team have been added to Period 2. This team will be closed April 14th, 10 am.

Posted: April 4, 2020

Hello everyone! I do hope you are well and I know that it is a challenging time for you. You all, no doubt, have many questions and we still don't have many answers. As soon as we do it will be communicated to you all. 

This week home learning is scheduled to start, but my focus for the most of the week (along with all of JMH) is to connnect with as many of you as I can, and get us all connected in our course Teams. Many of you are already on a course team so make sure notifications are turned on (the default setting may be off). A return to some course content might start Thursday or Friday, but not until we are set up through Teams. 

Team Codes: 

  • Chemistry 112 Period 1: welmgqg
  • Physics 112 Period 2: 24y3k59
  • Physics 122 Period 4: vwxmccy
  • Physics 112 Period 5: 351fh43

Please check the teams pages regularly this coming week (or be sure notifications are on).

If there are any problems setting up Teams contact me at

For username or password problems, send a text message to IT at 506-210-0127 or email

I look forward to working with you all again!

Posted: February 10, 2020

PDF icon course_reference_guide.pdf466.51 KB

Posted: January 30, 2020

File physics_122_mechanics_2d.pptx2.1 MB

Posted: January 9, 2020

Notes are below.

Posted: January 9, 2020

Below are the notes for the stoichiometry section.

File stoichiometry_notes.pptx275.9 KB
PDF icon stoichiometry_notes.pdf473.76 KB

Posted: December 18, 2019

THe notes below summarize the types of reactions you are responsible for knowing and balancing.

File stoichiometry_notes.pptx259.34 KB

Posted: December 18, 2019


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