Wednesday, March 24th

Posted: March 24, 2010

Period 2 - Multimedia 120 - Finish Internet_Assignmenta.doc. Print off and pass in.  Begin working on GoodandBadsites.doc Period 3 - Computer Science 110  - Finish Unit 9 final project.  Work on Unit10questions.doc Period 4 - Comp Sci/Acct 120 - Work on Course Material. Study Block- Room A108 Period 6 - Digital Sound - Continue working on Mashup assignment  Choose a song. Use to download your song.  Click on Clip > Split to split your track Use the Move/Copy Clip   tool to move the pieces of your song. Add a minimum of 5 effects to the files in your project. Bonus:  Mix two songs together.  Use loops in your project.  
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