Sound Assignment

Posted: May 5, 2014

 5 minute mysteryEvery story includes audio clues that help the reader imagine the environment that surrounds the scene that he/she is reading. This assignment challenges students to dramatically read through one of the three stories provided, or choose their own except to build a radio retelling of the story.Students will include all audio clues needed to enhance the story experience. They will submit an audio chart of their sound effects, music and all other audio selections along with their recorded version of the story.Marking will be based on the following guidelines:·       Dramatic reading- 10 (punctuation, vocal tones ect)·       Sound effects- 10  (At least 10)·       Music selection -5 (Appropriateness)·       Recording- 10- (balance and quality)·       Copyrights- 5- (Copyright free)·       Audio Chart- 10 ( clear work cited information)                                          /50 marks   Use the attached file to plan the recording of your sound effects. Use the file "sound-design-planning" to help you plan out your story. *** Make sure your short story is copyright free or that you have permission to use it!!!***


Microsoft Office document icon sound-design-planning.doc29 KB