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Posted: November 7, 2018

Requirements for your Model United Nations:

1) Prepare a "flag" and name plate for your desk for your country. You will be idenified by country.
2) Have your research ready, you may print off or make notes and have them with you. You need to know what you trade, your economy, what you have to offer, resources, debt, war, interests, neighbours, etc.
3) Be prepared to answer the topic questions on behalf of your country, not yourself.


1) Nuclear Disarmament. (Who has nukes? Why? Who can't? How many? Limits?)
2) Refugee Crisis. (Syria, where do they go? Aid? Who can take more?)
3)Global Warming. (Who's responsible? Who's paying the price? What do we do?)


Posted: October 29, 2018


In a group of no more than 2 people (or by yourself) you are going to create a presentation (poster style) for the class on a subculture or counterculture. (Ex. KKK, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, etc.) In presenting this to the class you MUST include their values, norms, sanctions (both reward and punishment) and language. Previous history? Why do they believe/do what they do? REMEMBER in presenting these different subcultures try to remain "culturally relative" and try not to bring in your own personal beliefs. 


Delivery - 10,  Content - 20,  Mechanics -10,  Use of pictures - 10,  Extra -10

VALUE - 60


Posted: October 15, 2018

In a group of no more than 2 people (or by yourself) you are going to create a presentation for the class on a specific tradition in another culture other than our own. In presenting this CULTURE to the class you MUST include some of their values and norms, their IDEAL values and REAL values, and material and non-material culture. This will help explain why the tradition you are talking about to the class exists today. Why do they still do it. How does it fit within THEIR value system. Remember in presenting these different cultures try to remain "culturally relative" and try not to bring in your own personal beliefs.

Delivery - 10,  Content - 20,  Mechanics -10,  Use of pictures and video - 10,  
VALUE - 50

Posted: October 10, 2018

World Issues 120
        In groups of no more than 4 you are to TEACH the class about a disease. We WILL have a test on this unit and you should take notes on each of your classmate’s presentations for your test. To go with your presentation you are to also prepare something extra, whether that is a short movie, pamphlet, or poster.
I will leave the length of your presentation up to you as it is YOU teaching it to your classmates.
            As a guideline you should answer:
        - What is the disease?   
- What does it do?    
- Causes?    
- What type of disease is it?    
- Classifications?    
- WHO sanctions?

- Treatment?
    - Statistics?   - Where?    
- What can we do?      

Value: 50

(You will lose 5 marks for not providing a “Works Cited”, and 3 for not sourcing on the page. This rule applies to all assignments!)
Rubric: 10/Delivery – 10/Mechanics – 10/Content – 10/Pics & Multimedia - 10/Extra & Handout

Posted: October 5, 2018

Flint & Miramichi Comparison Assignment

Compare the events of the GM closures in Flint, Michigan with the UPM Mill closures in Miramichi. 

Support your comparison using clear examples from the documentary and sources. 

Paper is to be at least 250 words and is to include at least 5 reliable sources.       

(1 source is the film, another is an interview with someone from Miramichi, who was here during the Mill Closure, and has noticed a change in Miramichi. That is 2 of your 5!) 

Please include a one paragraph opinion on how you think this could have prevented or resolved. 

Marks:   Content – 10        Interview – 10        Sources – 5        Opinion – 5                

Value :30


Posted: October 2, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2:

Announcements are up and running. Everyone should be working on their weekly articles. Logins will be provided to you shortly for the school website. On Wednesday, schedules will be up for Podcast and Video assignments. Make sure you sign up for your due dates!

World Issues:

Monday we will have our "WRED" talk. Tuesday we will watch "Invisible Children". Wednesday we will discuss the film, discuss WRED, and show you the room. Thursday we will have an introduction to the World Health Organization. Friday, Map Test: Middle East Part II, we will also compete in a mystery diagnosis challenge.


Monday, Miramichi Mill closures, video, and we'll discuss how Miramichi has changed since. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be watching the film "Roger & Me" by Michael Moore. Your assignment is to compare the factory closures in Flint, Michigan to the Mill closures in Miramichi. Effects on the city? Law? Cleaniness? Healthcare? Homelessness? Etc. Friday you will have a day to work on your assignment.


Posted: September 25, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2:

This week we will introduce you to room 108, show and organize the gear and equipment you will have access to this semester and we must go over a few assignments before we start next week. On Friday we will be doing our first "mock" announcements.

World Issues:

You will finish watching "Where to Invade Next". Tuesday and Wednesday will be lab days with your paper due at the beginning of class on Thursday. Friday we're going to start something new!


Monday we are going to do an activity using the 4 major perspectives of sociology. Tuesday we will have a review for your Unit 1 test on Wednesday! Thursday and Friday we will be note-taking for our new unit on Research and Ethics.

You will view Micheal Moore's "Where to Invade Next" as a class.
While watching you will write down 20 different points that were made in the film. These can be "facts" that were listed, policies being shown to you, or maybe something you just found too good to be true.

You will then take your 20 points, go over them and you will choose 3 of them. With those 3 points you will research and try to back them up. Find out if they are true? Where did he get the information from? Is there more to the story? Did he tell you the whole truth?

You will write a 5 paragraph essay. First paragraph you will state your intention, your second, third, and fourth paragraphs should be your "points" and what you discovered about them. Your final paragraph is your conclusion.

Your essay MUST include a a title page and a Works Cited page. You MUST show your research and where you got it from.

DUE: Thursday, Sept. 27th

Value: 25

Posted: September 17, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2:

Be prepared everyday to film your segments for announcements. Have scripts and story-boards in hand. This will be the week to film as much as possible. Please keep in mind the rubric for 25 marks that YOU made for yourselves. Stay productive!!

World Issues:

Monday and Tuesday we will compare the Legislative governmental systems of the US with our Parliamentary system in an effort to prepare you for different political systems from around the world. Wednesday I will introduce you to your first assignment of the year on research and "real" news. Thursday you will work on this, and Friday you have your first map quiz!! Middle East! Please study!


This week we will be going over the 4 main persepctives of Sociology. Monday - Conflict Theory, Tuesday - Functionalism, Wednesday - Symbolic Interactionism, Thursday - Feminism, Friday we will have a small debate using the persepctives you've learned.

Posted: September 11, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2

You are prepping for your announcement segments all week. Please be organized and bring what you need. You are hopefully fiming by Wednesday.

World Issues

You are discussing the "World"s Biggest Problem" this week. Let's see how long it takes for you to all agree on one. Next week we start politics.


This week we are discussing the "Birth of Sociology" and it's founders. We will also discuss different sociological concepts/perspectives. Please come prepared to take notes. There will also be a reflection AND class discussion this week on the founders perspectives.


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