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World Issues, Sociology, Media Studies, Digital Productions, and Journalism.

You will view Micheal Moore's "Where to Invade Next" as a class.
While watching you will write down 20 different points that were made in the film. These can be "facts" that were listed, policies being shown to you, or maybe something you just found too good to be true.

You will then take your 20 points, go over them and you will choose 3 of them. With those 3 points you will research and try to back them up. Find out if they are true? Where did he get the information from? Is there more to the story? Did he tell you the whole truth?

You will write a 5 paragraph essay. First paragraph you will state your intention, your second, third, and fourth paragraphs should be your "points" and what you discovered about them. Your final paragraph is your conclusion.

Your essay MUST include a a title page and a Works Cited page. You MUST show your research and where you got it from.

DUE: Wednesday, Sept. 18th

Value: 25


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Requirements for Final Projects, due May 27th.

This is a SOCIOLOGY project. Try to solve a social problem if you like, a rule, a law, a policy? Make people aware of WHY they believe or don't believe what they do about climate, politics, social classes. It's up to you! Project must be measurable. You must use Scientific Method and it MUST include a dependent and independent variable.

1) Your groups will have a "fair-style" display. What will the public see when they approach your table?

2) As a group develop a survey to be taken by the public BEFORE the 27th. You will use these results as a source for your overall project. This a resource and its results should guide you.

3) Individually you will all write a paper on whatever you want related to your group project. Use this opportunity to research, and use the research from your paper for your project. 2-3 pages, must include a PROPER Works Cited Page.

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You whole project should revlve around and lead up to the Rite of Passage that you are presenting.

As a basis for this you need to attempt to explain their culture to those who would know nothing about it. You would need to include (Cultural Objectivity) their IDEAL and REAL cultures, their norms (folkways mores, informal and formal norms), values, and language.

Explain WHY this process, event, or rite, means so much to them.


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DSLR Introduction

(Be creative! How you will all individually show me your understanding of all of these is up to you!)

What is Aperture? What is F-Stop?

What is ISO?

What is a Shutter? What is Shutter Speed?

What is a Megapixel?

What is FPS? When should you use different FPS settings?

Posted: February 28, 2019

Flint & Miramichi Comparison Assignment

Compare the events of the GM closures in Flint, Michigan with the UPM Mill closures in Miramichi. 

Support your comparison using clear examples from the documentary and sources. 

Paper is to be at least 250 words and is to include at least 5 reliable sources.       

(1 source is the film, another is an interview with someone from Miramichi, who was here during the Mill Closure, and has noticed a change in Miramichi. That is 2 of your 5!) 

Please include a one paragraph opinion on how you think this could have prevented or resolved. 

Marks:   Content – 10        Interview – 10        Sources – 5        Opinion – 5                

Value :30


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