Constructing Reality

Posted: February 15, 2018

Constructing Reality

Select two different media texts (any form of reproduced communication, from a book, film, or album cover, to an advertisement, movie, sitcom, a toy, or a t-shirt) and use the following questions to help you deconstruct(analyze how meaning is constructed). You must include your chosen text with your finished assignment and you will present your findings to the class.

1)What are the characters like? Are they realistic? Are they stereotypes?

2)How do the characters relate to each other in terms of power, age, gender, race and class?

3)What are the values and ideologies of the characters?

4)Who is the intended target audience?

5)How and why does this text appeal to  its audience?

6)Who created this text? Who owns it?

7) How is the text distributed or sold to the public?

Due: Tuesday, Feb. 20th