Digital Productions - Storyboarding

Posted: May 3, 2016

You will read the following link:

Afterwards you will get a "Storyboard Template" from Mr. Theriault and begin the process of designing you final film project. Your Storyboard should not be the template alone. You will hand in a TYPED description of the plot of your film. On a separate sheet you will have a description of all of the gear you will require for filming, AND all of your film locations with a justification of WHY you need that gear and WHY you want to film there. Your actual storyboard template will consist of sketches of what you want to take place in each scene as well as very brief notes. On a separate page again (typed) you will have a numbered, and in point form, sheet that expands on all of your brief notes on each slide that you sketched. As an example, was there a sound effect, which direction did it come from, what is the camera angle or shot, is there a specific background you want, even weather matters. Does it need to be rainging in that scene?

In total you should have 4 different pieces. 1) Your description or plot of your film. 2) A list of gear and locations explained. 3) Your actual storyboard which may be 2, 3, or even 4 pages. 4) Further explain your storyboard in point form, numbered, as explained above. This MIGHT be more than one page.

Plot due May 17th
Gear and location list due May 18th by end of class.
Storyboard and expansion due May 20th by the end of class.

Remember, this is a film pitch for you. You are pitching this film to a producer, me, who decides whether or not this film will happen.