Media Studies: Television Assignment

Posted: April 6, 2018

Select two of the following genres and trace carefully, how these shows have changed over the decades along with the society; use questions below as reference.

Sports, Movies, Police Series, Talk Shows, Quiz and Game Shows, Soap Operas, Sitcoms, Dramas

A few websites you can use for reference:

Questions for reference:

1) How has the subject matter of popular shows in this genre changed over the years?
2) How have the types of characters depicted in this genre changed over the years (consider gender, race, occupation and other attributes of identity)?
3) What major historical events or social changes might have affected the type of show that was popular in this genre at a certain time?
4) Are there any examples of groundbreaking or controversial televised events (or episodes) in your genre that had historical impact?
5) Based on the changes you observe what type of show (premise and characters) in this genre might likely be popular in five years?