Schedule for this Week: Sept. 17th to 21st

Posted: September 17, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2:

Be prepared everyday to film your segments for announcements. Have scripts and story-boards in hand. This will be the week to film as much as possible. Please keep in mind the rubric for 25 marks that YOU made for yourselves. Stay productive!!

World Issues:

Monday and Tuesday we will compare the Legislative governmental systems of the US with our Parliamentary system in an effort to prepare you for different political systems from around the world. Wednesday I will introduce you to your first assignment of the year on research and "real" news. Thursday you will work on this, and Friday you have your first map quiz!! Middle East! Please study!


This week we will be going over the 4 main persepctives of Sociology. Monday - Conflict Theory, Tuesday - Functionalism, Wednesday - Symbolic Interactionism, Thursday - Feminism, Friday we will have a small debate using the persepctives you've learned.