Sociology: Cultural Tradition Project

Posted: October 18, 2017

In a group of  2 or 3 people (or by yourself) you are going to create a presentation for the class on a specific tradition in another culture other than our own. In presenting this CULTURE to the class you must DECODE it, discussing some of their values and norms, language, their IDEAL values and REAL values, and material and non-material culture. This will help explain why the tradition you are talking about to the class exists today. Why do they still do it. How does it fit within THEIR value system. Remember in presenting these different cultures try to remain "culturally relative" and try not to bring in your own personal beliefs.

Use PowerPoint, show a video, give a handout... It's up to you!


Delivery - 10,  Content - 20,  Mechanics -10,  Use of pictures and video - 10,  VALUE - 50