Sociology: Final Project

Posted: April 30, 2019

Requirements for Final Projects, due May 27th.

This is a SOCIOLOGY project. Try to solve a social problem if you like, a rule, a law, a policy? Make people aware of WHY they believe or don't believe what they do about climate, politics, social classes. It's up to you! Project must be measurable. You must use Scientific Method and it MUST include a dependent and independent variable.

1) Your groups will have a "fair-style" display. What will the public see when they approach your table?

2) As a group develop a survey to be taken by the public BEFORE the 27th. You will use these results as a source for your overall project. This a resource and its results should guide you.

3) Individually you will all write a paper on whatever you want related to your group project. Use this opportunity to research, and use the research from your paper for your project. 2-3 pages, must include a PROPER Works Cited Page.