Sociology: Flint v. Miramichi

Posted: March 29, 2018

Flint & Miramichi Comparison Assignment

Compare the events of the GM closures in Flint, Michigan with the UPM Mill closures in Miramichi. 

Support your comparison using clear examples from the documentary and sources. 

Paper is to be at least 250 words and is to include at least 5 reliable sources.       

(1 source is the film, another is an interview with someone from Miramichi, who was here during the Mill Closure, and has noticed a change in Miramichi. That is 2 of your 5!) 

Please include a one paragraph opinion on how you think this could have prevented or resolved. 

Survey: Please use Google Forms. You will need a Google Account to do this. Your survey should include at least 10 questions and be related to Miramichi. The questions are up to you. Please make sure they are yes/no or multiple choice questions.

Marks:   Content – 10        Interview – 10        Sources – 5        Opinion – 5          Survey - 15       

Value :45