World Issues: Diseases

Posted: September 23, 2019


        In groups of no more than 3 you are to TEACH the class about a disease. We WILL have a quiz on this unit and you should take notes on each of your classmate’s presentations for your test.

          To go with your presentation you are to also prepare something extra, whether that is a short movie, pamphlet, or poster, something.

        I will leave the length and/or size of your presentation up to you as it is YOU teaching it to your classmates.

            As a guideline you should answer:

-        What is the disease?
-        What does it do?
-        Causes?
-        What type of disease is it?
-        Classifications?
-        WHO sanctions?
-        Treatment?
-        Statistics? Where?
-        What can we do?      

Value: 35

(You will lose 5 marks for not providing sources for your research.)