World Issues: Genocide/Mass Conflict Assignment

Posted: December 10, 2019

    In groups of no more than 2 you are to TEACH the class about a genocide in the 20th Century.
    To go with your presentation you are to also prepare something extra, whether that be a short movie, pamphlet, or poster.
Please make sure that you go through the 8 Stages of Genocide.
Gregory Stanton's 8 Stages:

    I will leave the length of your presentation up to you as it is YOU teaching it to your classmates.
    As a guideline you should answer:
Causes? (Background? Government? What are they fighting over?)
Numbers? Stats?
First hand accounts? (Witnesses? Survivors?)

Your “TEACH” is worth 50 marks. You will be marked on Mechanics/10, Delivery/10, Relevance/10, Content/10, and Pics/Video use/10. Your EXTRA portion will be worth 20 this time!

Value: 70
(You will lose 5 marks for not providing a “Works Cited”, and 3 for not sourcing on the page.!)