Friday, February 12, 2010

Posted: February 12, 2010

English 9 - Today, Mr. Fallon went through a "fractured fairy tale" activity with you, assigning your own fractured fairy tale to be completed for next Friday.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE CLASS TIME, so complete this task on your own (remembering that you have 30 minutes of Study Block each day, as well).   You will also be presenting these to the class next Friday.  Good luck!   English 121 - In class today, we reviewed some of the highlights of your quiz from Wednesday.  Well done!  We also reviewed some of the marking options we'll be using for quizzes and assessments in class (rubrics?  embedded on the quiz itself?).  Hiroshima should be completed by Wednesday, including the guiding questions.  You wil have a quiz on that day, then begin a section of Bryce Courtenay's Four Fires.   I'll be marking ELPA's all next week in Fredericton, but I'll drop you a line each day.  Be great!