Friday, February 5, 2010

Posted: February 5, 2010

English 9 - Today we reviewed the four types of narrator/point of view, reviewed the questions you will be completing as you read your novel, then began reading.  Remember to keep track of everything you figure is important about the characters.  No homework for Monday, but please feel free to read, if you like.   English 121 - You handed in your first reflections today - thank you!  We then discussed your KWL charts, and you received your guiding questions for Hiroshima (attached to this post).  We began the novel (you'll be trying a Corlett-tried-and-true method of taking important notes on a looseleaf bookmark), and discussed a few instances of character development and good choices made by the author.  You have no official homework, but section one should be completed by the end of class on Monday.   Good luck, Christina!!   I will be in Fredericton on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Keep plugging away, and I'll see you on Thursday!
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