Monday, April 3, 2017

Posted: April 3, 2017

English 9 - Periods 1 and 6 - Great job with your iambic pentameter!  You can read your work (and that of your peers) in the hallway right outside our classroom.  Today, we began Act 1, scene 1 - boy, do these families HATE each other!

              - Period 2 - You're now at Act 3!  Mr. Hache has a little side-step planned for you tomorrow...

NOTE: Grade 9 course selections are tomorrow. Don't worry - we'll take a few minutes at the beginning of class to give you the run-down!

English 121 - Today, we took a different approach to our Article of the Week, viewing a Ted Talk, instead.  This is the link, in case you were absent today:

For Thursday, you must have the Food for Thought section completed (we practiced note-making while we viewed the video in class today).  Your Non-Fiction assignment is due tomorrow (Tuesday) (novel notes and a typed One-Pager).  In addition, you must have read MLK Jr.'s response piece to the Alabama Clergymen for tomorrow (Tuesday).  NOTE: If you were absent today, there is a copy in our class folder for you.