Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

Posted: September 16, 2013

Eng 9 - Hi there!  Today, you received your Article of the Week (due tomorrow, of course), and you completed most of your Mock ELPA.  We'll finish that up tomorrow, then get working on your friendly letter to me! Eng 122 - Hey!  You also received an AotW (due tomorrow), we reviewed (or you learned) how to use Microsoft Word to do your citations both IN and AT THE END OF your essays, and you began to research your topic.  Remember that the outline (which has to be OK'd by me) is due on Wednesday, and you must have the third section of Hiroshima read by Wednesday. Eng 112 - Your AotW is also due tomorrow, as is your early character sketch (if you didn't complete it today).  As well, you must complete your essay outline by Thursday, and get a quick OK from me before proceeding. 
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