Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014...cont'd

Posted: February 6, 2014

Eng 9 - Thanks for another great five-minute write.  It's quite a blessing to get to know you all a little better every day.  Great start on using MS Word for our MLA citation, too.  We'll continue with that tomorrow. Eng 122 - Don't forget about your Reflection, due tomorrow. Today, we did a quick review of four main points of view (narration styles), and we figured out that section I of Hiroshima must be read for Monday...and that includes your active reading notation, as well.  That's your proof that you're actually thinking, connecting, and questioning as you go.  Oh, thanks for your input at the end of class, too.  Much appreciated. Eng 112 - Thank you for the five-minute write again today.  From there, we went to our beautiful new Learning Commons to read in comfort.  Each novel group determined a manageable reading goal for tomorrow or Monday..and you were all given a reminder about your active reading notation (same as the 122's in the post above this one).  We'll continue with this tomorrow.  Oh, A - K...REFLECTIONS DUE TOMORROW!  YESSSS!!! LIAM - Hey there!  Your group decided to be at the end of chapter one for tomorrow, to see how that feels.  We'll keep you posted...and give your study buddy a big hug from me!