Thursday, Sept. 19/13

Posted: September 19, 2013

Eng 9 - Today, you completed a terrific warm-up to show the power of commas ("Look at that huge hot dog!"), then we created the rubric that will be used for the final copy of your letter (if you weren't too busy getting your picture taken).  Don't forget to keep plugging away at your Book-A-Month! Eng 122 - Thanks so much for getting your supported research essay outlines done.  I very much enjoyed conferencing with you today, and getting an idea of the wonderful essay topics I'll be reading about.  Remember that the DRAFT is due next Wednesday, Sept. 25 (you received an editing checklist for that today), and the whole shebang is due next Friday, Sept. 27.  Also, your Reflection and short summary of your selected character are due tomorrow. Eng 112 - This afternon, you received the checklist for the first draft of your supported research essay, then continued plugging away on your outline, which is due tomorrow so we can conference before you proceed.  Also, be reminded that your Book Talk, One-Pager and notes are due next Wednesday.