Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Posted: April 7, 2010

Good day, mine students!  In English 9, we reviewed your answers from Act 1, Scene 1, then learned all about the mystical, magical sonnets of our main man, Billy Shakespeare.  For homework, you must write YOUR OWN quatrain, using iambic pentameter and the ABAB rhyme scheme.  For example:   I know that you can write just like Shakespeare, His sonnets are a show of his great smarts. Your rhyme and rhythm should be very clear, Then celebrate with a fine game of darts.  (you don't know how bad I wanted to use "farts" there!!) English 121, I'm sorry that this very short week has been so hectic for you.  Today, we worked with some Shakespearean insults (we'll continue that when we're in class again).  For tomorrow, please complete your Scientific Method assignment, and e-mail your reflection to me by 1:30 pm on Friday.  Oh, we'll also get to watch TNB perform a mash-up of some of your Shakespeare faves tomorrow!  Great timing!