November 17, 2011

Posted: November 17, 2011

Science 9-  Student had a test on Tuesday, November 15.  They are now working on space probe projects.  They are to bring in material for the project from home.  The materials are meant to be common, inexpensive items that they may have around the house.    ES122- They have several projects on the go.  They are working on a GAIA project that is based out of Fredericton.  They are responsible for all aspect of the project and they will have to write up a formal report and do a presentation about their topic.   They are also working on a biome project.  Each person in the class was given a sheet with all of the instructions to complete the project.  This was given to them approximately two and a half weeks ago.  The project is due next Friday, November 26th.    They have an ecopoint challenge that they should be working on at home and in their free time.  This section is worth 25% of their mark.   Biology 112- They are writing a test today on Prokaryotes and Protists.  The next section we will start on is Fungi.