Mrs. McCallum

Semester 2 2017

Posted: May 30, 2017

ES 120- We worked in class today on the final project.  Tomorrow we will be going to the library.  Please bring in any material you think you need for your project.

Bio 112- Covered sponge material in class today.  We reviewed for the plant Quiz tomorrow.

Chem 112- We reviewed our open book test on molar calculations.

Posted: May 29, 2017

ES 120- Students started a project today.  Final Project will be worked on throughout this week.  Students will also work on ecopoints if they are not completed.

Bio112- Students were asked to look over plant questions and a crossword.  Students will be quizzed on plant material this week.  We started the animal section today.

Chem 112- Take home test was passed in and it will be corrected tomorrow in class.  We are practicing balanced equations in class.

Posted: May 23, 2017

ES 120- We corrected the assignment "Water Resources" and started working on the assignment "Ocean Pollution".  Test on Friday on the Topics of Succession, Cycles, Abiotic Factors, Pollution and Global Warming.

Biology 112- Students wrote their protist/fungus test today.

Chem 112- Introduction to Volume and mole conversion, worked on questions.


Posted: May 17, 2017

ES 120- We corrected the air pollution assignment, worked on the water resource assignment and watch a video on the great garbage patch.

Bio 112- Completed the protist and fungus lab.  Worked on the review sheet for tomorrow for protist and fungus.  Test on Friday.

Chem 112- We went over the topics of molar mass and using it to calculate moles or mass. Tomorrow will be a work day to practice what we have gone over in the last few days.

Posted: May 16, 2017

ES 120- Air pollution assignment due tomorrow for correction.  We will continue working on the water resources assignment

Biology 112- Protist Lab and Fungus Lab due.  Review sheet was handed out today for Protist and Fungus Test. Test moved to Friday, May19.

Chemistry 112- Working on conversions with moles.  Chapter 10.


Posted: May 11, 2017

ES 120- Students are working on an air pollution assignment.  Tomorrow we are going to go into the computer lab to work on Ecopoints.

Bio 112- Students started their Protist lab.  Tomorrow we will be working with the protists.

Chem 112- Test tomorrow on Chapter 7 and Chapter 8- Review sheet were given out over the past few weeks and the answers were given today in class.

Posted: May 2, 2017

ES 120- We completed notes on the topic of Succession. Students were given a question sheet.  It is not due for homework, we will work on it tomorrow in class.

Bio112- We finished up the notes on Protists.  Questions on page 498 # 1,2,3,4,5 and page 505 #1,2,3,4 are due for homework

Chem112- We reviewed the topics of VSEPR and Hybridization today.  Two sheets were passed out in class regarding the information.

Posted: April 27, 2017

ES 120- We watched Sharkwater.  We will finish it on Monday.

Biology 112- We started a poster project on Protist.  Due Monday.

Chem 112- We worked on a review sheet.  It is due on Monday.

PDF icon chemical_bonding_review.pdf265.62 KB

Posted: April 25, 2017

ES 120- Work on the review sheet in class.  Test tomorrow on Ecosystem Structure

Bio 112- Students observed the bacterial cultures and worked on their labs.  Review for test.  Test tomorrow. Answer for Bacteria Quiz Review are posted as well.

Chem 112- Student drew electron dot and structural diagrams of various molecules.

PDF icon bacteria_quiz_review.pdf1.39 MB

Posted: April 24, 2017

ES 120- Students completed a climograph assignment in class and then were given a review sheet on Ecosystem structure.  The next quiz is on Wednesday April 26, 2017.

Biology 112- Students observed their bacteria petri dishes and drew their first figure.  They were given a bacteria review sheet that is to be completed for points tomorrow (April 25, 2016)

Chemistry 112- The take home test was corrected, the homework questions were corrected and we began to learn about covalent bonds. No homwork except review notes.



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