Music 112 Week of April 6 - 10

Posted: April 7, 2020

Good Morning folks!

I trust that you are all well, and taking care of yourselves, as that is the most important thing on our agenda! Luckily, music has undeniable healing and soothing properties, so let us take advantage of that during this crazy time.  I hope that you have all been using your gifts and talents to help you get though the days of late, and if not, you NEED to. Not because it's part of your course load, but because it is good for your mental health. And that is how I'd like you to approach the remainder of the school year with regards to this course; think about how you can take care of you, by meeting your Music 112 outcomes. Essentially, that means that you will:

1) continue to play an instrument on a daily basis 

2) continue to listen/analyse music of familiar and new styles and periods in history

3) challenge yoursleves by learning some new music theory. 

And that's it folks!

I will post links to websites, videos, documents, etc to help guide you in your learning/wellness. As always, I encourage you to go beyond what I suggest for you, dig deeper and quench your thirst for curiosity. It has been recommended that you spend 2.5 hours a week on this course. You can divide/schedule that time how you see fit, but I definitely recommend that you pick up your instrument daily, as well as listen to some soothing tunes as you breathe in some fresh air.


The last time we met we were discussing Renaissance music. I encourage you continue to explore that time in history and discover the very unique and cool instruments that were developed during that time.


As i mentioned above, the goal is to play your instruments daily. Challenge yoursleves by learning to play a new style  (Blues, Jazz, Classical, etc.) as you continue to take comfort in playing what soothes you. 

Theory is a great website with interactive activities that will allow you to continue to work on your theory and ear training skills. I encourage you to check it out and spend some time weekly on music  theory. 


I would be thrilled if you choose to share some evidence of your learning. Perhaps create a video or audio file of you playing your instrument and post it onine, or send it me directly. 

That's it for today folks! As always, please reach out to me if of you have any questions at all, or if you just want to chat. :) 

Take care!