Setting Up for Home Learning

Posted: April 4, 2020

A)  If you know of someone who needs to retrieve their student email and/or password

tell them to text their Full Name, School, and Grade to:  1-506-210-0127  Ex:  Tim Daley; JMH; gr.10

B)   Check your school email !  I've sent you a message with instructions. 

C)   Starting MONDAY, APRIL 6th,  I'll be calling you at home to briefly touch base, figure out a few things and answer your quesitons as best I can.  If it comes up "blocked or unknown number" it's probably me lol. 

D)   Starting MONDAY, APRIL 6th, I'll be posting on this site, to get you started on some 'home learning'.  


                                 * Have a Good Weekend!  BE SAFE _ STAY HOME  !  :))