Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Posted: March 12, 2020

English 10 -  We are into Part 2 of our Novel Study.  Students should be keeping their 'Part 2 Package' updated as they read.  

                 For today, students were to have finished reading to the end of Chp.21.   

                             P3 - Quiz #3    5 still need to write . 

                             P4 - Quiz #3     8 still need to write

*Both classes are working to complete Group Assignment A for Part 1 of the Novel.   Most are almost finished.  Peer Evaluations will be completed by Friday 13th

*Note: We will work out your evaluation according to the actual time you were in class, discounting days missed due to quarantine. 

              Any quizzes missed, can be made up when you return to regular classes. 


Canadian History 12 -    A few need to complete  Assignment#3  (This is overdue, and has been corrected and debriefed in class).

                                         Students are now working on Assignment #4 

* Note: Quarantined students should get in touch so we can arrange to send Assign.#4 home to you. 


Modern HIstory 12 -      5 need to complete today's test on :  Part 1 of the French Revolution.

                                          2 need to complete project 1: "Comparing Revolutions" 

                                          Notes on Part.2 of the French Revolution were given out today, and lecutres/assignments begin tomorrow (Friday 13th).