Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Posted: March 11, 2020

English 10 -  We are into Part 2 of our Novel Study.  Students should be keeping their 'Part 2 Package' updated as they read.  

                 For today, students were to have finished reading to the end of Chp.21.   

                             P3 - Quiz #3 (chps 15-21)  tomorrow (Thursday). 

                             P4 - Quiz #3 (chps. 15-21) most did the quiz today, however, several need to finish tomorrow. 

Canadian History 12 -  Finish Assignment#3 (Reaction to confederation) for tomorrow (Thurs.12). 

Modern HIstory 12 -    Test tomorrow (Thrus.12th);  Part 1 of the French Revolution.