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Posted: June 2, 2011

Science 10      Test Tomorrow!!! Study hard and view the answers below to the review sheet that was completed in class. 
PDF icon answers_electricity_unit_review.pdf132.9 KB

Posted: May 30, 2011

Science 10       complete circuit diagrams from lab report for tomorrow's class       reminder of Test on Friday  
PDF icon answers_ohms_law_worksheet.pdf720.25 KB
PDF icon monday_may_30_notes.pdf907.99 KB

Posted: May 27, 2011

Science 10      complete Ohms Law Practice Worksheet #1-18      Reminder of Test coming up on Friday June 3   Biology 113       reminder of test on Monday May 30
PDF icon friday_may_27_notes.pdf212.79 KB

Posted: May 26, 2011

Science 10       complete Ohms Law Worksheet #1-12  ( I WILL be checking HW tomorrow for marks)       Reminder of Test coming up Next Friday on Electricity   Biology 113      reminder of Test on Monday on Circulation
PDF icon thursday_may_26_notes.pdf239.13 KB

Posted: May 25, 2011

Science 10       complete pg 303 #1,2,4 and pg 315 #1,3,5  
PDF icon wednesday_may_25_notes.pdf1.21 MB

Posted: May 24, 2011

Science 10       complete series/parallel assignment  
PDF icon tuesday_may_24_notes.pdf167.4 KB

Posted: May 20, 2011

Science 10      no HW!!!      if you missed class see below for a copy of today's notes
PDF icon friday_may_20_notes.pdf598.3 KB

Posted: May 19, 2011

Science 10       complete pg 301 #7 and the worksheet that was given in class today. 
PDF icon thursday_may_19_notes.pdf385.47 KB

Posted: May 17, 2011

Science 10      Quiz tomorrow on Chapter 9 STUDY!!!      complete pg 283 #1,4,6,8,9 and Chapter 9 Review WS  (see notes below for answers)

Posted: May 16, 2011

Science 10      complete pg 281 #1,4,6      reminder of quiz on Wednesday on Static Electricity Topics
PDF icon monday_may_16_notes.pdf756.92 KB