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Posted: September 10, 2012

Digital Tech 120 - Introduction to morning announcements. Eng 111 - applying Bloom’s Taxonomy for Thinking to “The Lady or the Tiger?” Today your task will be to read Frank Stockton’s short story,” The Lady or the Tiger?” and create some questions and/or activities for another student in class to answer. Your assignment MUST contain : -          ONE Knowledge-level questions -          TWO Comprehension-level questions -          TWO Application-level questions -          TWO Analysis-level questions -          TWO Evaluation -level questions -          ONE Synthesis -level question ...for a TOTAL OF TEN questions! Beside each of your questions, please indicate which level of Bloom’s Taxonomy you believe it addresses.  Then, switch with someone in class, and answer each other’s questions to the best of your ability. You will be graded on: A.       The quality of your questions B.      The quality of your responses to a peer’s questions Eng 112 - Review your notes on the "short story" for tomorrow (see Friday's post for a copy of the notes).

Posted: September 7, 2012

Eng 111 - Using the analytical and evaluative levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, please compose a detailed one page response to the following question: The question of her decision is one not to be lightly considered, and it is not for me to presume to set myself up as the one person able to answer it. And so I leave it with all of you: Which came out of the opened door - the lady, or the tiger?   Eng 112 - Review the attached notes on "the short story" for Monday.
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Posted: September 6, 2012

Room 108 - Digital Technologies 120 Room 319 - English 111, 112   Things to note: 1. BE ON TIME: make an early practice of arriving to this course before the bell. When you arrive, take your books out and be ready to work. Students who are late three (3) times will be given a green sheet and detention. 2. HOMEWORK/DAILY ASSIGNMENTS will be posted on the JMH website: . Be sure to check for downloadable notes or files if you miss class – YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR UNFINISHED HOMEWORK. 3. Hats, iPods/Mp3 players, headphones are to be out of sight during instructional time. Take your hat off when you enter the class and ask permission to listen to music while doing independent work.  

Posted: September 6, 2012

Watch several examples and choose your favorite morning announcement from any of the following websites:

Open a new microsoft word document, put your name on it and answer the following questions:

1. Was the Announcement that you chose engaging?  Why or Why not?
2. Did the graphics/subtitles used add anything to the piece?
3. Could you tell that there was a green screen used?
4. How were the audio levels?  Was there background noise?
5. Did you notice any other technical issues?
6. What segments could be added to our morning announcements to make them better?
7. What makes someone effective when reading the announcements?
8. Would you like to be on camera this semester? What role would you like to play in the creation of JMH's morning announcements? 9. Look for examples of what not to do in morning announcements. *you may work in pairs on this task. When finished, save the document and send it to me via Smart Sync. Digital Technologies 120 -  Finish Introductory Scavenger Hunt. Work on Video Announcement Assignment.


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