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With the JMH Drama club's prduction of "Tarzan" opening this week, reporters Nick Leggatt and Matty Cripps went out to uncover the true feelings of two of our senior cast members on how they feel about this being their last performance as a James M. Hill student. After this heartbreaking interview, they went and found the girls' longtime mentor Mr. Gopee as he expressed his dissapointment towards the departure of the dynamic duo that is Jenna Henderson and Callista Gilks.
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In this follow up interview with Dimalka Ranasinghe, Kevin Losier asks her about her recent win at the Provincial Science Fair competition. She will go on to represent our school and district in Alberta in coming weeks. In this interview as well, Darci O'Reilly talks to Mr. Kierstead about Dimalka's success.
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Broadcast Journalism 120 students Shelby Corcoran, Emma MacDonald and Jenna Jimmo interviewed our principal Mr. Keirstead and fellow student Chris McCormack concerning the new parking lot rules put im place earlier in the week. Each discuss how the new rule affects everyone and how important it is to follow the new protocol put in place by administration.

Posted: April 15, 2013

Eng 111 - Your research essay/oratory unit is underway. Trouble settling on a topic? Here is a comprehensive resource to guide you along:
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In this interview, Tommie Talk reporter Vincent Harris interviews Mr. Eric Fallon, JMH's Graphic Art and Design teacher on the art of tempory Henna tattoos.
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Earlier this month the snowy streets of Miramichi were not as quiet as they usually are, there was an exceptionally heinous robbery - and it happened, right under our noses. To find out more about this story, we sat down with JMH student Shelby Corcoran and talked to her about most prized possession – her Honda hatchback. To her surprise, the most important part of her car was missing! Listen in to find out how.

Posted: April 12, 2013

Eng 112 - The unit project for Romeo and Juliet has been assigned. It's due date is next Thursday, April 18th. Attached is the assignment sheet.
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Listen to the lip-smacking interview of Tycen Jardine when he interviewed JMH King and Queen winners Mike Theriault and Alexa Doyle from the JMH Variety Show/Pageant held in March.

Posted: April 8, 2013

Tommie Talk Broadcast Journalism Website

Over the course of this term, Mr. Martin's Broadcast Journalism 120 class has been putting together a website where students can post various news stories in a variety of formats: articles, blog posts, video stories, audio news and photoessay journalism. The format allows for moderated comments, so feel free to add your own voice to the hard work of the Broadcast Journalism students.
Last week the Creative Use of Technology in Education (CUTE) awards were held in the District. With many nominations in numerous categories, James M. Hill's very own Mr. Peter MacDonald won the honours for 21st Century Learning (High School). The Broadcast Journalism 120 class took the time to sit with him and discuss his victory over fellow JMH nominees (particularly, Mr. Theriault).   NOTE: the interview is meant to be satiric in nature. Mr. MacDonald is actually grateful and humbled by his big win.    


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