Wednesday, Dec. 9

Posted: December 9, 2009

Writing 110 - New project introduced in class this week. Mr. O'Toole's Multimedia class is joining up with Writing 110 to tackle our next project: "Telling Stories With Sound". This product will take us to Christmas break with presentations on the 17th-18th. Details attached. Eng 111 - Finish reading the story "The Ambitious Guest" by Nathanial Hawthorne (pg. 348 of your text, you can also find it online) and answer the first part of the attached sheet. Your role is to read, re-read using skimming and scanning techniques to locate and copy specific information from the text. Eng 112 - Italian sonnets were tackled today. Your assignment has two options: A) Write a one page analysis/ interpretation of Milton's "When I Consider How my Light is Spent" or B) Write a properly formatted Italian or Shakespearian sonnet on a topic of your choice. Either of these options are to pass in tomorrow.