Mr. T. Theriault Notes

World Issues, Sociology, Media Studies, Digital Productions, and Journalism.


Posted: February 27, 2014

Digital Productions  120 – The following is a list of the assignments that you should have completed. Please make sure that all of these are completed before the break!! Also, besides the 3 PowerPoint assignments that you should have completed can you please make sure that all of your assignments are properly labeled and are .psd files instead of .jpeg so it is easier for me to mark. *** New Assignment! *** Fix Old Picture - Save the file from the image galleries on my teacher page. Use brightness/contrast slider to fix levels.  Use the clone stamp and healing brush tool to remove blemishes, scratches and static from the picture. Emerging Digital Technology presentation (partners) – Value: 35 Photography composition assignment – Value: 5 Photoshop fails assignment – Value: 5 Layers activity (dog & Field) - Cut out dog and add to field picture.  Find 3 other pictures and add them to your project.  Add your name in 2 Text layers to your projects with various effects to your layout. Value:  15 Lighthouse Project - Use crop tool to rotate picture and make it straight.  Use clone stamp to remove unwanted people from picture. lighthouse.jpg       - Value:  5 Old Man  - Remove blemishes and fix the right eye. Using clone stamp/healing tool  OR polygonal lasso. Value: 10 Dinosaur - Using the tools you have been practicing with, erase the man in the picture AND the two smaller dinosaurs in the lower left. Pay close attention to the textures and make them as seamless as possible. Value:  10

Posted: February 25, 2014

Photoshop: By now you should have finished placing the dog in the field along with another object and your name for Avticity 1. Please save it as "Activity 1" and place it in your Digi Prod folder.TODAY you should finish the lighthouse picture. Please straighten the lighthouse and fix the sky. Make sure to pay special attention to detail in the sky so we can tell it was moved. Save the file as "Activity 2" and place it in your folder.If you are finished please start the picture of the man with the beard. You are going to clean up the picture and is complexion. Pay attention to detail. When finished save as "Activity 3" and place in your folder.

Posted: February 19, 2014

Assignments you should have so far and due:1. Emerging Tech research/presentation 35pts2. Photography composition powerpoint 10pts3. Photoshop fails assignment - 10pts 4. Layers activity (dog & Field) - Cut out dog and add to field picture. Find 3 other pictures and add them to your project. Add your name in 2 Text layers to your projects with various effects to your layout. Value 15

Posted: February 12, 2014

Digital Production 120 - This week, you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop CS4. Today you are to do an introductory task on the best and worst of photoshop and report your findings. Step 1 - go to the following Youtube videos and observe the power of this software package: Step 2 - there are literally 13,000,000 images of Photoshop fails on a simple Google search. Open a microsoft powerpoint project and create ten slides of captured fails and tell the story behind them. To complete this task you will have to search around - don't just pull random failed images that do not have an explanation behind them. Step 3 - See if you can figure out where the failed photoshopper went wrong with the software - was there a part of the image left behind? Are backgrounds not properly blended? In modifying parts of the picture, did the creator bend both time and space? On each slide, indicate the problem.Step 4 - Create 5 slides of excellent examples of proper photoshop use with before and after pictures. This is where we will spend our time. On each slide, answer the questions from step 3. This task tests your existing knowledge of Powerpoint software AND your ability to find specific information online and capture it in presentation format. Try to use a variety of images FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES and keep it class appropriate.

Posted: February 10, 2014

Copyright free sources for you to use!!! - images, copyright free, easy to download - images, set up an account (free and easy) to access larger files of the thumbnail images - images that are in the "creative commons" section are free to use as long as you attribute/credit (give mention of the owner) - audio files - audio and sound effects. Set up an account (free and easy) to access downloadable files. - archived footage, old movies in the public domain
At you will find a questions of the week. Students are required to answer the question each week, and respond to at least one of your classmates.

Posted: October 11, 2012

Reports will go home from my classes on Monday instead of today (Thursday, 11th). By Monday more could be included on the report as projects are being handed in as we speak. Also, I was out sick and Broad Based Tech. can not be marked from home as it is all computer based. Thanks for understanding.

Posted: October 5, 2012

Please see the documents page for the handout.
If you search documents here on the teacher page you can find the handout that accompanies the assignment.