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Posted: May 9, 2018

Requirements for your Model United Nations:

1) Prepare a "flag" and name plate for your desk for your country. You will be idenified by country.
2) Have your research ready, you may print off or make notes and have them with you. You need to know what you trade, your economy, what you have to offer, resources, debt, war, interests, neighbours, etc.
3) Be prepared to answer the topic questions on behalf of your country, not yourself.


1) Nuclear Disarmament. (Who has nukes? Why? Who can't? How many? Limits?)
2) Refugee Crisis. (Syria, where do they go? Aid? Who can take more?)
3)Global Warming. (Who's responsible? Who's paying the price? What do we do?)

Posted: May 7, 2018


Your commercial must be advertising your own product OR something that you are allowed to advertise. It must be 60 seconds in length AND you must be able to prove that you used at least 6 of the 13 advertising design elements that you used in the last assignment.

If you need help editing please see Mr. Theriault. If you are using/making a logo or graphic please make sure that you save it as a .png file in photoshop.

Rubric: 10/Messaging (is your message clear), 10/Elements (were your design elements clearly present), 10/Content (who, what, where, why), 10/Peer Review (all partners will provide a peer review submitted and seen by only the teacher at the end of the project. Total Value: 40

Project due: May 15th

Posted: April 26, 2018

Advertising Unit #1

Design Elements Power Point Presentation 

In groups of two you are to search through magazines or use the internet to look for advertisements/photos, which incorporate the elements listed below. You will have one ad for each element.

·       In this presentation, you will have 15 slides

·       Slide 1 shall be a title slide

·       Slide 2 shall be your table of contents

·       Slide 3-15 shall have an image displaying the chosen design element. On these slides you should include a brief definition/explanation of how the image is effectively portraying the design element.

Below is the list of 13 design elements:


There are NO Groups for this assignment.

You are going to create a PowerPoint explaining PROPER FRAMING, BASIC SHOT TYPES, and ADVANCED SHOT TYPES. You are to create your own example to show proper framing, as well as all basic shot types. You will have to FIND examples of advanced shot types because we do not have the proper equipment. If you do one example of each per slide you should have approximately 15-16 slides in your presentation.

You can use the links on the note below to help you.

DUE Monday, May 7th. 

This assignment will not be accepted late.

Subculture / Counterculture Project

You and your group are to create a presentation on one particular subculture or counterculture and present it to the class. You are to teach the class about your chosen group and include the following in your presentation: language (slang, lingo, terms) formal norms informal norms goals brief history how does the outside world view the group? true?

You are to keep in mind the following rubric for your presentation: - Delivery - 10 - Content - 10 - Pic/Media - 10 - Mechanics - 10 - Extra - 10 - Anything extra you want to do as a group to make your presentation stick out. Use of costume, music, create a video, handouts, poster, etc.

Due: Thursday, 26th of April

Posted: April 23, 2018

World Issues 120

United Nations - Branches

        In groups of no more than 2 or 3 you are to TEACH the class about a one specific branch of the United Nations.

          To go with your presentation you are to also prepare something extra, whether that is a short movie, pamphlet, or poster. You do not have to do a PowerPoint. Please feel free use another means of presenting your information.

        I will leave the length of your presentation up to you as it is YOU teaching it to your classmates.

            As a guideline you should answer:

-          Where?

-          Who?

-          Background?

-          Numbers? Stats?

Your “TEACH” is worth 50 marks and your “add-on” to your project is worth 10 for a total of 60 marks. Now make sure that if your “add-on” is worth 10 marks that you make something worth 10 marks, not 5! *** If you were to make a movie I would obviously take that into consideration for the project as a whole… outside of the 10 marks…***

Rubric: Mechanics: 10
            Relevance: 10
            Delivery: 10
            Content: 10
            Pictures/Media: 10
               Extra: 10

Photography Intro.

You are going to create a PowerPoint answering the following:
(Be creative!)

What is Aperture? What is F-Stop?

What is Exposure?

What is a Shutter? What is Shutter Speed?

What is a Megapixel?

What is a Flash for?

Imagine you have a budget of $5,000. You need to choose a camera and related gear to setup a photography/film studio. What do you buy? Why? Make sure you clarify what every single purchase is for, and what does it do. How far can you make your $$$ go?


Value: 25

Posted: April 6, 2018

Select two of the following genres and trace carefully, how these shows have changed over the decades along with the society; use questions below as reference.

Sports, Movies, Police Series, Talk Shows, Quiz and Game Shows, Soap Operas, Sitcoms, Dramas

A few websites you can use for reference:

Questions for reference:

1) How has the subject matter of popular shows in this genre changed over the years?
2) How have the types of characters depicted in this genre changed over the years (consider gender, race, occupation and other attributes of identity)?
3) What major historical events or social changes might have affected the type of show that was popular in this genre at a certain time?
4) Are there any examples of groundbreaking or controversial televised events (or episodes) in your genre that had historical impact?
5) Based on the changes you observe what type of show (premise and characters) in this genre might likely be popular in five years?

Posted: March 29, 2018

Flint & Miramichi Comparison Assignment

Compare the events of the GM closures in Flint, Michigan with the UPM Mill closures in Miramichi. 

Support your comparison using clear examples from the documentary and sources. 

Paper is to be at least 250 words and is to include at least 5 reliable sources.       

(1 source is the film, another is an interview with someone from Miramichi, who was here during the Mill Closure, and has noticed a change in Miramichi. That is 2 of your 5!) 

Please include a one paragraph opinion on how you think this could have prevented or resolved. 

Survey: Please use Google Forms. You will need a Google Account to do this. Your survey should include at least 10 questions and be related to Miramichi. The questions are up to you. Please make sure they are yes/no or multiple choice questions.

Marks:   Content – 10        Interview – 10        Sources – 5        Opinion – 5          Survey - 15       

Value :45

Posted: March 21, 2018

Fairy Tale Project

For this assignment you are to choose a fairy tale that is public domain and record an audio story using it. You can work in groups of 2 or 3 or you can choose to do it on your own.


-          You are to record your own reading. 
-          Use at least 10 sounds in your story. 
-          Record at least 3 of these sounds yourself.

(If not recorded yourself sounds must be copyright free.)

Organization: 10           Mic’ing: 10           Quality: 10              Value: 30

“Know the Lingo” 

Please define the following definitions and know them!!!
1. Acoustic     2. Amplitude     3. Analog     4. dB (Decibel)     5. Delay     6. Digital     7. Feedback     8. Frequency     9. Equalization     10. Master
11. Monophonic Sound     12. Peak     13. Propagation     14. Reverberation     15. WAV     16. MP3     17. Sound     18. Stereo     19. Timbre
20. Volume

On Monday we will begin some basic recording.

Value: 20

Posted: March 16, 2018

For each of your "scripts" that you are working on groups, as you script I want you to consider what codes and conventions you should consider. What are CODES and CONVENTIONS? When we discussed in class topics like "What does a typical drama show include?" we were actually already discussing these, just not by name.

What are codes?

Codes are systems of signs, which create meaning. Codes can be divided into two categories – technical and symbolic.

Technical codes are all the ways in which equipment is used to tell the story in a media text, for example the camera work in a film.

Symbolic codes show what is beneath the surface of what we see. For example, a character's actions show you how the character is feeling.

Some codes fit both categories – music for example, is both technical and symbolic.

What are conventions?

Conventions are the generally accepted ways of doing something. There are general conventions in any medium, such as the use of interviewee quotes in a print article, but conventions are also genre specific.

Codes and conventions are used together in any study of a genre – it is not enough to discuss a technical code used such as camera work, without saying how it is conventionally used in a genre.

For example, the technical code of lighting is used in some way in all film genres. It is a convention of the horror genre that side and back lighting is used to create mystery and suspense – an integral part of any horror movie.

*** You will need to consider this in your scripts. On Wednesday, March 21st, we will “round-table” all of your scripts. Groups will have the opportunity to ask questions of other groups. In the end we will be “producing” one of your shows in class and as a class.

Confused? Look at this:

Source link:

In this Introduction to Digital Sound assignment you will create a “Microphones for Dummies” presentation/guide. Be creative and use your skills you have developed in this course so far to create pictures for your examples, instructions, etc.

You will need to explain: Dynamic Microphones\Condenser Microphones            
>  Their uses and differences

Ribbon Microphones                 
What is a frequency? What is frequency response? Why is it important in understanding microphones and different mic’ing situations? 

What is Directionality?          Omnidirectional          Bidirectional          Unidirectional 

You can use the following link for help:

Posted: March 15, 2018

Michael Moore’s   SICKO

As a class we will view Michael Moore’s “SICKO”. During the movie you are to write down 20 points that are made that may seem questionable to you. You will hand these in attached to the back of your essay.

For your essay you are to pick three (3) of these points and critique them to the best of your ability. Are they true? Partially true?

 Whether you are agreeing or refuting one of Michael Moore’s points you are to back it up with quality sources. Please make sure that the sources are accurate to the time period of the filming of the movie as well. (Example: Do not use a 2017 fact point to prove or disprove a point made in 2004)

 Please source on the page and provide a “Works Cited” page attached to the back  as well.

 Value: 30

 (Each answer, whether proving or refuting, is worth 10 marks. You will lose 5 marks for not providing a “Works Cited”, 2 for not having a proper title page, and 3 for not sourcing on the page. This rule will now apply for all assignments!)

Posted: February 26, 2018

Please watch the following video on "The Wisdom of Sociology" from a TEDx Talk.

You will write a reflection on the video but concentrate more on what you think Sam Richards meant by "sociology up here".