Ms. Wheaton Notes

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Posted: November 15, 2019

Ancient History 10 -  Students should be working on their projects for the unit (Mesopotamia/Egypt) 

Political Science 12 -  Students should highlight/notate reading on Constitutions.   Further, they should have their own seperate

                            notes on this reading. 

English 10 - Students are now finished the Short Story Unit.  Some have outstanding work that needs to be handed in,. 

                Next, we will be doing a Poetry Unit, and students will be doing individaual assignments and a pairs assignment. 

Posted: October 18, 2019

English 10-  A) Finish your AoI project (Notate & 3 Questions) 

                 B) Short Story #2 (Read; Anlaysis; Start Project - due Friday 25th). 

Political Science 12 -   A) Complete your 'Party Platform' assignment.  Due Monday 21st. 


Ancient History 10  A) Completed Hammurabi's Law Assignment; went over Cirr. Outcomes. (Some started Projects on Meso.) 



Posted: October 7, 2019

Political Science 12 0  - Watch English Language debate tonight. (Or at least the highlights on the news later).

Ancient History 10 -  7 need to re-write Map Quiz (Tomorrow at lunch).  

English 10 -  Students should be looking for their own AoI and Short Story.   Lab day tomorrow to format/print. 

Posted: September 27, 2019

Ancient History 10 -  All students should have unit test #1 written; all projects should be finished and we are doing our interviews ! 

English 10 - All "Book Jacket" projects should have been passed in; all AOI projects (pairs) should be passed in as well. 

Political Science 12 - Unit Test #1 is Monday.   Today we did an entire unit review and test preview.  

* Have a happy and safe weekend. 

- Tommies kick off at 1pm on saturday at MVHS field.  Come out and support. 

Posted: June 4, 2019

*Students gone to Juno: your exam interview is set for TUESDAY, JUNE 11th.  

See me on MONDAY, JUNE 10th for your time slot. 

English 10 All students should now be working on their Multi-Genre Final Project.  Interviews have begun. 

Ancient History 10 All students in the Malson/Wheaton combined class are working on Mars Project. 

Your exam interview is set for MONDAY, JUNE 10th in the 8:30-11:00 slot.

Political Science 12 -    Students are finishing their final assignment on P.M.'s Cabinet (due tomorrow at the beginning of class). 

Exam review begins tomorrow (Wednesday, June 5th & Thursday, June 6th) 

Posted: May 29, 2019

English 10 -  Students are now working on their Exam: Multi-Genre Project. 

Ancient History 10 -  Meso/Egypt Unit projects will be presented next week. Work on them !! 

Political Science 12 -   Review the notes given out today, final project will be introduced tomorrow ! 

Posted: May 23, 2019

English 10 -  EXTENSTION - Research Essay Due Monday, 27th, 2019.

Ancient History 10 -  Review notes on Egypt.   Work on your Unit Project: (Meso/Egypt Outcomes)

Political Science 12 -  Test Tomorrow !  Leglislative Process

Posted: May 21, 2019

Ancient History 10-  A) Mars Project Day Tomorrow - Bring your Supplies

                       B) Map Test on Egypt on Thursday. 

English 10 -  Research Essay DUE FRIDAY 24th !  ONE MORE DAY  in the computer lab. 

Political Science 12- Read Set 3




Posted: May 1, 2019

Ancient History 10   Review notes for Test on Mesopotamia.  

English 10 - Novel Study; Newspaper Editorial are now overdue.  Finish if they are outstanding. 

Political Science 12 - Political Satire Assignmen= Now Overdue.    Get it in Monday. 

Have a Safe and Happy Weekend :) 


Posted: April 29, 2019

Ancient History 10 -  Complete your assignment on Hammurabi's Law Code.  Due at the beginning of class. 

English 10 - Novel Study; Newspaper Editorial are now overdue.  Finish if they are outstanding. 

Political Science 12 - Working on Political Satire Assignment.   Due at the end of class Wednesday (May 1st). 

Posted: April 15, 2019

Political Science 12 -  Review for your test on Wednesday.   (Constitutions)

English 10 -  Novel Study Packages are due on Wednesday. 

Today was the last in-class day to work on them.  We are moving on to work in the computer labs on another assignment tomorrow. 

Ancient History 10 - Collected all individual assignments on the Four Dominant Cultures of Mesopotamia.  If you were absent they will be collected tomorrow. 

Posted: April 11, 2019

English 10  -  All students should have finished reading their novels (or are very close; last few chapters)

               - Last class 'work day' for the novel package is Monday, April 15th. *NOVEL PACKAGE DUE:  WED.17th*


Ancient History 10 - Students should be working on thier assignment on '4 Dominant Mesopotamian Civilizations'

                        - Assignment due at the end of class tomorrow (Friday, 12th) 


Political Science 120 - Review ALL notes on Constitutions (British, American, Canadain)  Test next week. 

Posted: April 1, 2019

Ancient History 10 - Filter down your 'video clip' notes;   10 pts for each video due at the beginning of class (Tuesday-Tomorrow)


English 10 -   By Wednesday, April 3rd, students should have 1/2 the Novel study completed (as per monday's checklist) 

                  TKAMB -  chp. 26  ;  The Help - chp.28;  Adv. of Huck Finn - XXVII


Political Science 12 - Review notes on Constitutions (England and USA). 

Posted: March 27, 2019

English 10 -  Depending on your novel.... you should be finished chp. 15 for tomorrow (Thurs.)